TITAS was founded in 1982 by co-founders Tom Adams and Gene Leggett, as the “Texas International Theatrical Arts Society,” to provide North Texas communities with the opportunity to experience the best of American and international music, dance, and performance art through a variety of presentations and educational outreach activities. Under the leadership of Charles Santos since 2001, TITAS continues to achieve its mission statement, expand it’s audience base and build new coalitions to develop artistic collaborations that foster a greater sense of community, as well as work to enhance the North Texas cultural landscape.  TITAS provides opportunities to experience great art through performances, cultural exchanges and arts educational outreach programs. The organization is nationally and internationally recognized as an innovator and is celebrated for providing artistic excellence, breaking boundaries, and serving as a catalyst for cultural collaborations within the arts.

Additionally, TITAS has created a unique multitude of community outreach and educational opportunities coupled with the renowned artists that only TITAS offers. TITAS continues to garner support from local agencies, foundations and businesses, as well as national entities, such as Altria, NEFA, Mid-American Arts Alliance, and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Private support comes from local foundations, the TITAS Board of Trustees and our growing private donor base, TITAS Titans. TITAS’s commitment to the North Texas community is well established and continues to explore new, innovative ways to further its reach into the community.

We strongly believe in the responsibility of presenters to support and supplement arts education. This outreach serves to enhance the community by developing a more informed and committed arts going public. Since 1994, CROSSROADS has brought artists and communities closer by providing unique direct access and educational opportunities to the communities. CROSSROADS continue to be the hallmark of the TITAS outreach program. We strive to maximize the contact between the community and the artists through TITAS’ Contemporary Master Series. This series provides master classes and workshops for local artists, teachers and students with our visiting artists. The TITAS post-performance Q&A sessions continue to be a favorite within the community outreach programs. Additionally, TITAS presents dedicated student performances at the theater providing thousands of students a unique and specially created student performance with world-renowned artists. The Arts-in-Education program uses interactive arts residencies by local artists/educators in conjunction with classroom teachers to prepare students for workshops with visiting artists and greatly enhances the experience of attending the live performance. The TITAS $5 Youth Ticket encourages parents or guardians to bring children to performances. Additionally, each season thousands of individuals and groups from local schools, senior centers, and community centers attend performances of the highest caliber via our TITAS ADVENTURES free ticket program.

TITAS continues to expand on an established reputation for unique and innovative programming, which has created a dedicated and enlightened following. Each season, TITAS continues to build its momentum by presenting world-class dance and music companies, and one scheduled special event, Command Performance and La Fete du Ballet Gala.  Each season will also include special student performances and special events that continue to be added to the season, when possible.

TITAS is guided by a dedicated and diverse Board of Trustees and a very capable staff under the leadership of Executive Director, Charles Santos. The TITAS team is committed to and enthusiastic about the organization, as well as, the community it serves and the future of the arts in North Texas.  This team continues to move forward with a renewed sense of commitment and ambition that permeates not only the organization, but the North Texas communities it serves. TITAS has committed itself to continuing to build more partnerships, collaborations, outreach and educational opportunities.

What we do together truly does make a difference.

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