2012 – 2013 Season

MARIACHI VARGAS de Tecalitlan [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Following an unprecedented sold-out debut at the AT&T Performing Arts Center during the 2010-11 TITAS season, Mariachi Vargas returns to Dallas to an adoring audience and a host of new fans. Often billed as “El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo, or “The Best Mariachi in the World,” the group of 13 musicians and vocalists was formed in 1987 by Don Gaspar Vargas in the Mexican village of Tecalitlán. With five generations of performers now keeping their deeply rooted traditions alive, Mexico City based Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán entices audiences worldwide.
The transcendent concert experience is everything you love about mariachi music—from the singing and musicianship to the costumes and pageantry. Quite simply, Mariachi Vargas are the quintesential kings of mariachi music. Outside of the U.S. and Latin America, the internationally acclaimed group has performed in Spain, the Czech Republic and Japan. In 2011, they performed in Paris for a European premiere of their first mariachi opera, “To Cross the Face of the Moon,” produced in conjunction with the Houston Grand Opera.

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan
Wed., Sept. 26, 2012 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


DOUG VARONE [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Doug Varone and Dancers creates modern choreography that is as accessible as it is groundbreaking. The renowned company relies on its technical and physical prowess to keep audiences engaged and energized as they explore the complexities of the human spirit. From the smallest gesture to the most powerful bursts of movement, Doug Varone and Dancers reveals the subtle beauty and raw energy in everyday moments. The result is a performance that will draw you in, surprise and delight you, challenge and reward you— and take your breath away.
Award-winning choreographer and director Doug Varone works in dance, theater, opera, film, television and fashion. By any measure, his work is extraordinary—not only for its emotional depth and kinetic breadth, but also for its effortless adaptation to so many media. As a company, Doug Varone and Dancers is recognized for its vision, versatility, technical ability, storytelling, and sheer physicality.
Doug Varone
Fri., Sept. 29, 2012 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


MARC BROUSSARD [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Marc Broussard has an uncanny knack for translating the classic languages of R&B, rock and soul into something totally contemporary and entirely his own. He’s been a part of the new music conversation since 2002, when he independently recorded and released his debut album, “Momentary Setback,” at the age of 20. But the buzz about Broussard goes back even further—when a lucky audience heard him belt out “Johnny B. Goode” at age 5 as he sat in with his father’s band.
Tapped as a talent to watch pretty much all his life, Broussard has already toured with giants like Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Willie Nelson, Chris Isaak and Bonnie Raitt. With his powerful, soulful and bluesy voice, he’s destined to become a TITAS favorite.

Marc Broussard
Fri., Nov. 2, 2012 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


STEPHEN PETRONIO COMPANY [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Stephen Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance-makers of his generation. Music, visual arts and fashion collide in a dazzling scene for the senses. Petronio has worked with some of the most provocative composers, visual artists and fashion designers in the world—including Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Michael Nyman, Cindy Sherman, Anish Kapoor, Donald Baechler, Rachel Roy and Manolo. Since their founding in 1984, Stephen Petronio Company has performed in 26 countries. The troupe boasts 35 New York City engagements, including an impressive 15 seasons at The Joyce Theater.
TITAS welcomes Stephen Petronio Company to the Winspear Opera House for their debut
Dallas appearance. With an evening that pushes visual and technical boundaries, their spellbinding choreography and distinctive style blurs the lines between performance and art.
Stephen Petronio
Fri., Nov. 16, 2012 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


THE JOFFREY BALLET [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of Nijinsky’s iconic Le Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring),TITAS and the Joffrey are proud to present this classical masterpiece—complete with its original choreography.The Joffrey Ballet has been hailed as “America’s Company of Firsts.” Among their long list of notable performances: first dance company to perform at the White House(at the invitation of Jacqueline Kennedy), first to appear on television, first American company to visit Russia, first to commission a rock ‘n’ roll ballet, first (and only) dance company to appear on the cover of Time magazine, and the first company featured as the subject of a major motion picture (Robert Altman’s “The Company”).
Founded in 1956 by visionary dancer, teacher, choreographer Robert Joffrey, The Joffrey Ballet is known for its unique, inclusive perspective on dance. The company, the audiences and the repertoire reflect America’s rich diversity through story ballets, reconstructions of masterpieces and contemporary works. Guided by celebrated choreographer Gerald Arpino from 1988 until 2007, and now thriving under Artistic Director Ashley C. Wheater and Executive Director Christopher Clinton Conway, the Joffrey Ballet is one of America’s most recognizable arts institutions—and one of the top dance companies in the world. This season, TITAS and the AT&T Performing Arts Center are proud to welcome The Joffrey Ballet back to Dallas after a 20-year absence.
The Joffrey Ballet
Fri., Jan. 18, 2013 – 8:00pm
Sat., Jan. 19, 2013 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


CEDAR LAKE CONTEMPORARY BALLET [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

In their highly anticipated return to the TITAS season and the Winspear stage, we welcome Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet back to Dallas, The program features new works by some of the world’s most sought after choreographers and composers—including famed Czech choreographer Ji?í Kylián, UK-based Hofesh Shechter and Canada’s Crystal Pite. Since their last appearance in the 2010-11 TITAS season, Cedar Lake have garnered rave reviews for their sexy, Euro-styled “dance installation”—and were voted “Best Dance Event of 2011” in Dallas by TheaterJones.com. The New York-based company is taking the dance world by storm with its combination of exquisite classical technique and edgy physicality. The result, says the New York Times, “…pulls viewers right out of their seats…” with its “…weird and wonderful poetry of the body.” The Village Voice offers its own assessment of Cedar Lake: “…fierce, athletic and compulsively sensual.” Cedar Lake performs under the leadership of artistic director Benoit-Swan Pouffer—a native of Paris and a former Alvin Ailey dancer. Always a TITAS favorite, Cedar Lake promises to be a highlight of the 2012-13 season.
Cedar Lake Contemporary
Sat., Feb. 9, 2013 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


BELLA GAIA WORLD TOUR [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) is a “Living Atlas” of our world Experience the beauty of Earth as few humans have—set to music and seen through the eyes of astronauts. Created in collaboration with NASA by award-winning director and classically trained violinist Kenji Williams, Bella Gaia features a live performance by Williams’ world-class ensemble—paired with magical images of our majestic home planet. From fires in the Amazon basin to time-lapse images of melting arctic ice, Bella Gaia creates a stunning musical/visual journey through our miraculous universe.
Through an evening of beautiful world music and stunning projected images, the performance includes virtual visits to exotic Japanese temples, Egyptian pyramids and beyond—making Bella Gaia a powerful experience that casts a broad world view. Featured at the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, at top festivals such as the Smithsonian Folklife/NASA festival, and in sold-out performances at digital planetariums, Bella Gaia has delighted everyone from students to heads of government in countries from Europe to the USA and Japan. Speaking of students, Bella Gaia is an excellent program for introducing children to the magic of live performance. Beautiful and magical, Bella Gaia promises to be a surprise hit in the season.
Bella Gaia
Mon., Feb. 25, 2013 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House


COMMAND PERFORMANCE [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Stunningly beautiful and creative, Command Performance is the definitive dance event of the year. Ten of the world’s most renowned stars performing the best of dance today—from classic pas de deux to awe-inspiring contemporary works.
Recognized for exceptional programming and world-class dancing, Command Performance has also become the showcase for premieres of TITAS-commissioned choreographic works by dance’s brightest lights, including Dwight Rhoden, Mia Michaels, Jessica Lang and Twyla Tharp. Year after year, Command Performance brings thrilled audiences to their feet. Experience the beauty and passion of this tour de force dance event.

Command Performance
Sat., March 2, 2013 – 7:00pm
Winspear Opera House


GRUPO CORPO [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Passion lives in the Brazilian DNA. The parties, the food, the futbol—and, of course, the dance—are all lived with unbridled exuberance and undeniable energy. For more than 35 years, Grupo Corpo has channeled the Brazilian spirit, using it as a sort of mantra that inspires their passionate, cultured and memorable dance works.
With their own unique language of movement, Grupo Corpo captures the soft, sinuous form of ballet—stoked by the fiery influence of Latin American dance—and creates a smoldering, sensual experience unlike any other. The company’s physical virtuosity—with inexhaustible dancers moving to relentless rhythms—is matched only by their highly conceptual storytelling. The result is something innovative, exciting and altogether authentic. Grupo Corpo was founded in 1975 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and quickly earned a reputation for developing its own theatrical language. To date, the company has created 35 choreographies and more than 2,200 performances. Annually, Grupo Corpo maintains 10 ballets in repertoire and gives 70 performances a year in places as distinctive as Iceland and South Korea, the United States and Lebanon, Italy and Singapore, the Netherlands and Israel, France and Japan, Canada and Mexico, and now… Dallas.
Grupo Corpo
Fri., March 8, 2013 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House

The AHN Trio [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

Whether performing in Vienna’s Musikverein, New York’s Lincoln Center, Beijing’s Concert Hall—or making their debut at the AT&T Performing Arts Center with TITAS—the Ahn Trio share a musical vision that knows no borders or boundaries. The three sisters (Lucia on piano, Angella on the violin, and Maria on the cello) were born in Seoul, Korea and educated at Julliard. Along the way, they’ve learned to embrace classical music—and to infuse it with their signature 21st Century style. They are also known for their innovative collaborations with such noted composers as Mark O’Conner, Michael Nyman, Maurice Jarre, Pat Metheny, Paul Schoenfield, Kenji Bunch, Nikolai Kapustin, and Paul Chihara.
Having performed in over 30 countries, and with six albums to their name, the Ahn Trio have made their mark on modern music—earning them honors that include Germany’s prestigious ECHO award. Eclectic experiments like an appearance on MTV’s “Bryan Adams’ Unplugged” inspired the trio to release “Ahn-Plugged” (EMI), followed closely by “Groovebox” (EMI). They’ve also recorded a joint album with the Czech Grammy-winning rock group Tata Bojs. It’s this unique blend of classical and contemporary styles that makes the Ahn Trio one of the most anticipated artists of the TITAS season.
The Ahn Trio
Tue., Apr. 16, 2013 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House
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ALVIN AILEY – AMERICAN DANCE THEATER [frame bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ version=”light”]

In a now-fabled 1958 performance at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City, Alvin Ailey led a group of young African-American dancers in an event that forever changed the perception of American dance. Today, Alvin Ailey-American Dance Theater continues its reign as an American “Cultural Ambassador to the World”—having performed live for an estimated 23 million people in 48 states, 71 countries, and six continents.
The gifted and gorgeous Ailey dancers infuse energy and emotion to classics and new works alike. Now guided by the vision of new artistic director Robert Battle, the Alvin Ailey-American Dance Theater remains the nation’s leading modern dance company. That’s why TITAS believes the stunning Winspear Opera House is the most appropriate place to welcome Ailey back for their first Dallas performance since 1993.
Alvin Ailey- American Dance Theater
Fri., May 3, 2013 – 8:00pm
Sat., May 4, 2013 – 1:00pm
Sat., May 4, 2013 – 8:00pm
Winspear Opera House
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